Central Ontario Snowmobile Drag Racing Association

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Jan 20 & 21Listowel, Ontario
Amateur Snow Drags – Details – Results – Sat – Sun
Feb 3 & 4Cobden, Ontario
Amateur Snow Drags – Details
Feb 9 & 10Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
ISR World Series of Ice
Feb 17 & 18Baysville, Ontario
Saturday – 4 Lane 660 ft Amateur Snow Drags
Sunday – 2 Lane 1000 ft Timing System Runs
Feb 24 & 25Cambridge OntarioYZRP Amateur Snow Drags
COSDRA Pro Ice Drags
March 17 & 18 Muscle Sled Mania – The worlds fastest performance trail sleds duel it out on a 2 lane 1000ft hardpan snow track after a 30 mile trail ride to see who is the fastest in 12 premier classes. On the other 2 lanes 660 ft Pro Ice Drags with all classes Plus a feature of the worlds Fastest Full Bodied Lake race sleds in 2 classes, Naturally Aspirated & Open Power Adder.

We will be running 3 point series Pro, Semi Pro & Amateur. Semi Pro will only be in Stock classes 600cc, 700cc, 800cc & Open Stock. So at all races there will be for example a Pro 700 cc class and a Semi Pro 700cc class and so on. In the current COSDRA rules you can run amateur for 2 years then you must step up to pro. By having a semi pro class it will give a racer a chance to pick up some envelopes and survive in the sport till he is ready to go to Pro. We will be posting the cost of the series & the money that will be in the season Championship points fund as soon as we have an answer on our Corporate Sponsor Deal.

Points Structure

10 points for attendance
First place 4 points X the amount of entries in the class.
Second place 3 points X the amount of entries.
Third 2 points X Entries.
Fourth 1 point X Entries.

This way gives everyone a fair chance to win your class in the series.